On a rocky road

As a renowned Ecologist points out, roads, today, are the seeds of environmental destruction. The sheer scale and pace of road expansion has resulted in a surging demand for sand and stone aggregates world over. The global urbanization boom is devouring colossal amounts of stone and sand – the key ingredients in concrete and asphalt.

The mighty mountains that stood untarnished for millions of years are vanishing in just a generation. Excessive instream sand-and-gravel mining is causing erosion of riverbanks, and rivers, regarded as the lifelines of the nations, are going to disappear very soon.

The voracious demand for sand and stone aggregates has disrupted the stability of nature, leading to a huge global crisis. Over 50 billion tons of stone aggregates are being mined each year, and the number is only growing.

How much more can Planet Earth continue to take?

How can mankind restore the equilibrium?

Earth is under a much bigger threat than we can all collectively imagine.    

Reversing the damage

While we live in an era of unprecedented road and highway expansion, we also live in the era of technology and change. With the aid of technology, mankind has always found solutions to many problems. Even this time, some of the best engineering minds from Germany, after years of incessant research, have innovated a product that has revolutionized the way the roads are laid.

A hallmark in German Technology

With the reputation of being the most technologically advanced soil stabilization material. StabilRoad® is a cement additive that can be mixed with the existing soil and cement to lay durable and eco-friendly roads, that too a lot faster than the conventional method. It has excellent bonding properties – making the stabilized layer comparable –
only to concrete.

  • Significantly accelerates the construction process
  • Improves durability and compression strength
  • Achieves a very strong, elastic, waterproof and frost-proof surface
  • Proven technology for over 20 years in several continents, across different climatic zones and soil types
  • Much higher quality and longer lasting stabilized base than conventional cement stabilization

Backed by a legacy of infrastructure excellence

StabilRoad® is brought to India by Vishwa Samudra Engineering (VSE), a forward-thinking company committed to a sustainable environment. A part of Navayuga Group, VSE is a multi-disciplined civil construction company delivering turn-key projects across a diverse sector. Deeply aligned with the core beliefs and values laid out by the visionary chairman of the group, Mr. C. V. Rao, VSE believes in integrating the values of excellence, quality and environmental stewardship to build projects that add value to lives every day.

  • First Pilot Project is development of Truck Terminal in Krishnapatnam Port Limits – Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Another project is construction of Roads using soil stabilization technology from India Gandhi Statue to Telugu Talli Statue, Hyderabad, Telangana.

A new revolution in road building.

A new prospect for earth’s future.

Business Verticals

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Road Works

Construction of Roads by Green Technology; New Roads using Soil Stabilization Technology; Full depth recycling of existing damaged Asphalt pavements.

Building Works

Construction of Food Processing Units, Cold Storages etc, Construction of Accommodation Facilities, Compound Wall etc. Construction of School, Library, Labs etc. Construction of Agri Go-Downs, etc.

Earth Works

Formation of Earthen Bunds, Excavation of Approach Canals, Formation of Embankments

Port Construction Works

Berth Construction Works, Piling works, construction of diaphragm wall, deck slab, deck fittings etc.


Logistics of Sand, Soils Metal, Boulders etc.

Mechanical Works

Fabrication and laying of Edible Oil Pipeline along with junction valves ; EPC of Material Handling Systems like Conveyors, Stacker cum Reclaimers & Rapid Wagon Loading Systems etc.

Scientifically proven, globally trusted

StabilRoad® is a proven technology that is being used successfully in numerous projects across the world including Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Russia, India, Malaysia, Brazil and Canada.

The technology meets all the international standards and safety requirements. Numerous studies conducted across the world prove that roads built with StabilRoad® are concrete-solid, elastic, crack-free, frost-proof and long-lasting surface. The technology is a perfect alternative to the conventional road building technologies.

Ecological advantage

  • Less energy is consumption  
  • Less release of harmful exhaust gases
  • Less usage of non-renewable natural resources
  • No contamination of the soil