Vishwa Samudra Engineering (VSE)

A forward-thinking company committed to a sustainable environment. VSE is a multi-disciplined civil construction company delivering turn-key projects across a diverse sector. Extraordinary quality and selection of first-grade construction materials are a set priority throughout the project execution.

VSE’s portfolio of construction works ranges from road constructions (National and State Highways, Urban and Rural roads), Marine structures, Irrigation projects and Airport runways.

On a Rocky Road

As a renowned Ecologist points out, roads, today, are the seeds of environmental destruction. The sheer scale and pace of road expansion has resulted in a surging demand for sand and stone aggregates world over.

Reversing the damage

While we live in an era of unprecedented road and highway expansion, we also live in the era of technology and change. With the aid of technology, mankind has always found solutions to many problems.

A Hallmark in German Technology

With the reputation of being the most technologically advanced soil stabilization material. StabilRoad® is a cement additive that can be mixed with the existing soil and cement to lay durable and eco-friendly roads, that too a lot faster than the conventional method.

Recent Works